Global Policy Engagement

Discussions about data are still taking place in multiple sectoral, geographic and policy silos, and while some might be justified, most occur often far from the practitioners or affected stakeholders, particularly those from the Global Majority. 

Moreover, debates of emerging technologies which are in the forefront such as artificial intelligence (AI) are often disconnected from the core role of data and data governance in the development and use of these technologies, leading to fragmentation and bias. While our use (or lack of use) of data can have major effects on human societies, no parallel evolution has taken place regarding political and governance tools. 

Only seven years away from 2030, achieving the Sustainable Development Goals appears increasingly challenging. Without investment in data ecosystems, enabling regulatory environments and enhanced capacity, many populations risk being left behind. 

Complex data governance agendas are expanding across global policy fora including the G7, G20, OECD, WEF and United Nations. The Datasphere Initiative works with partners and communities to connect policy and technology silos, and share best practices and learnings into such global policy fora.



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