How we are funded

The Datasphere Initiative is incubated by the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network and is currently in the process of being incorporated as a Foundation under Swiss law.

The Datasphere Initiative relies on the support of a diverse range of partners – governments, philanthropic organizations and companies – who provide institutional or project donations, or in-kind contributions. View our Partners here.

Independence, diversity, and sustainability are central to the Datasphere Initiative’s ability to carry out its mission. By acting in accordance with these principles, the Datasphere Initiative operates free from any direction or control by any actor, including States, industry or any other organizations.  

We are thankful to the following partners that supported different activities over the course of the 18 months that enabled us to launch the Datasphere Initiative: 

Google, Government of Germany Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), Government of Switzerland, Microsoft,  Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry of Japan, Omidyar Network, William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

Learn how you can support our work here.

Interested in donating?

If you are interested in providing a direct donation, please express your interest here.