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The Dialogue Program fosters global, regional, cross-sectoral, and multistakeholder dialogue around data and the governance of the Datasphere.

The Dialogue consist of leading the organization of seminars, roundtables, consultations, and fostering partnerships across the globe. These activities aim to build a common understanding of data governance opportunities and challenges across regions and foster knowledge sharing and connect stakeholders.

The Dialogue place special focus on leveraging voices and expertise from the Global South particularly around topics of sustainability, inclusion and well-being for all. Due to their prominent role and extraterritorial effects of their actions, the Dialogues also seek to engage in conversations with stakeholders in Europe and North America for cross-regional learning and impact. 

The program currently consists of structured regional efforts in Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe. North America and Asia Dialogues are expected to be launched in 2023. 

The Dialogue build from our mapping of stakeholders published in the Datasphere Governance Atlas, which identifies over 260 organizations. This resource provides an important preliminary mapping of the global data governance landscape, bridging silos to better understand the dynamics and interdependencies of numerous initiatives working on data policy.



Increase awareness of data opportunities and challenges across regions.


Develop capacity-building programs with regional partners.


Identify real-world challenges that can be addressed by data and innovative data governance frameworks.

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Other Programs

The Intelligence Program gathers evidence on concrete challenges, identifies innovative data governance practices, and translates complex technical data issues into actionable outcomes.


The Lab Program provides a collective space to showcase and experiment with innovations in governance frameworks and technical solutions advancing the vision of a collaboratively governed Datasphere.

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