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The fast pace of technological change and increasing reliance on new technologies have transformed societies and the way we create, use, consume and share data. At the same time, this unprecedented leap and the disruptive nature of technological developments have challenged existing institutional and regulatory arrangements.

To advance in implementing concrete future-proof solutions to accommodate rapid and ongoing evolutions regarding cross-border data flows, there is an urgent need to understand how agile models such as regulatory models could be used as inspiration to enhance cross-border and cross-sectoral coordination.

To kick-start this effort the Datasphere Initiative has produced a report examining the model of regulatory sandboxes, what they stand for, and how they could offer workable solutions for cross-border data flows.



1. Facilitate

Facilitate a better understanding of how regulatory sandboxes operate, main experiences worldwide, lessons learned, and good practices.

2. Identify

Identify the circumstances in which sandboxes are most useful and the specific cross-border data challenges they can solve, both generally and sector-specific (e.g. trade, sustainability, research, and science).

3. Analyze

Analyze the challenges of implementing cross-border sandboxes and how these challenges could be addressed.

4. Develop

Develop a basic model of what a cross-jurisdictional data sandbox (“Datasphere Sandboxes”) might look like.

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