Andrea Palomino Flores on teaching young people about data governance and how it can drive sustainable practices




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On the occasion of International Youth Day, the Datasphere Initiative spoke to a range of youth activists, and young professionals to ask them why leveraging youth voices is important in efforts to unlock the value of data, and how can education on data governance equip youth globally with the skills they will need to promote a greener future? 

Andrea Palomino Flores, Digital Communications Associate, at the Datasphere Initiative, shares the importance of equipping youth with the knowledge and skills to use data to protect the environment. 

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Involving young voices is like giving fresh air to an already established ecosystem or industry. Nowadays, young people are the ones shaping the digital world. Young people bring new ideas and energy to the table that can raise viewpoints or concerns that are usually left out such as privacy concerns, fair distribution, equity and diversity, and sustainability.

At the Datasphere Initiative, I am currently involved in a project called #Youth4OurDataFuture, which aims to highlight the voices and experiences of young people through awareness and learning campaigns on social media. In this context, we believe that youth voices are crucial to responsibly unlocking the value of data for all.  We have been highly involved in reaching out to young people to listen to their concerns and interests, as well as benchmarking emerging trends that might be of interest to them, to eventually adapt them and create media content (mainly on Instagram and TikTok) in order to convey educational awareness messages about the use of data and the internet.

Teaching young people about data governance can help them make the world a greener place, as they will learn how to use data to protect the environment. 

I believe that with these sorts of skills, young people will be able to advocate for greener ideas and actions. They will not only make smart choices, but also they will know how to save resources and create a better, more nature-friendly world. I also consider that by using data young people will be able to fully understand and try to come up with solutions to environmental issues. I am certain that they will become future leaders who care for the planet.

Andrea is the Digital Communications Associate at the Datasphere Initiative. Her role is to contribute to the development of communications materials and social media strategies of the organization. Likewise, support the implementation of the communications strategy and the organization of in-person and online events. 

She had previous experience working as a Junior Consultant at Monoprix France, where she had the opportunity to work in researching, analyzing, and benchmarking emerging trends, markets, and social media to target the right audience.

Andrea started her higher education at Escuela Bancaria y Comercial in Mexico City. Then for her third year, transferred full-time to The American Business School in Paris (France) where she obtained a double diploma; an American BBA with a major in International Business with a Minor in International Marketing, and a French Master as Manager International.

She is a native Spanish speaker, bilingual in English, and French, and is a debutant in German.

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