Introducing the Datasphere Initiative’s online course: “A Guide to Cross-Border Sandboxes for Data”




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The Datasphere Initiative is thrilled to reveal a new opportunity for individuals and organizations passionate about data. The Datasphere Initiative created a complete learning experience: “A Guide to Cross-Border Sandboxes for Data”.

Based on the findings curated in the Datasphere Initiative’s reports: Sandboxes for Data: Creating spaces for agile solutions across borders, We Need to Talk About Data: Framing the Debate Around the Free Flow of Data and Data Sovereignty, as well as the Framing, Mapping and Addressing Cross-Border Digital Policies in Africa report, this course is designed to help individuals and organizations unlock the potential of cross-border sandboxes. This first iteration includes a dedicated regional module on Africa as part of the Datasphere Initiative’s Africa Forum on Sandboxes for Data, launched on July 12, 2023, at the Africa Law Tech Festival, in Nairobi.

“By facilitating meaningful collaboration between policymakers, the private sector, and other key stakeholder groups, Sandboxes have the potential to improve regulatory capacity-building, drive innovation, and make data more available and accessible across borders and sectors,” said Lorrayne Porciuncula, Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative.


The fast pace of technological change has transformed societies and the way we use and share data. At the same time, this unprecedented leap and the disruptive nature of these developments have challenged existing institutional and regulatory arrangements. To advance in implementing concrete future-proof solutions concerning the use and sharing of data across borders, there is an urgent need to understand how agile regulatory, technical, and hybrid models and frameworks could be used as inspiration to enhance cross-border and cross-sectoral coordination. Sandboxes can help bridge the gap between stakeholders and sectors by creating collaborative environments to experiment with new uses, capabilities, and means of governing data against concrete challenges through a multistakeholder approach.

An online learning opportunity

Course participants will embark on an interactive learning journey as they engage with ten dynamic modules, immersing themselves in a comprehensive exploration of innovative governance mechanisms. These tools are framed to effectively manage the challenges and harness the opportunities brought by data.

Upon the completion of the course, participants will be certified and fully equipped to start creating their own cross-border sandbox initiatives. The course fosters peer-to-peer learning, facilitating engaging discussions and knowledge sharing among participants. 

Through active participation in the Discord channel, participants will have the invaluable opportunity to connect with a vibrant community of sandbox stimulating dialogue and foster collaborative efforts.

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