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In  this section, you’ll find resources to raise your voice, share and promote the #Youth4OurDataFuture project and engage your community. Below you can find a series of social media materials you can use to promote and share the campaign.

Click on the images to download them, and post them on your social media channels using the suggested messages tagging @youth4data and using the hashtag #Youth4OurDataFuture.

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🥁Are you a young person passionate about the digital world, data, technology, and SDGs? Join the #Youth4OurDataFuture competition by @thedatasphere to share your voice (and get the chance to win a VR headset!)✨
📢 #Youth4OurDataFuture by @youth4data seeks to enhance youth participation and involvement in data governance policy processes and bridge gaps between youth and decision-makers.
💬 Youth are key stakeholders in shaping the future of the data economy and thus its governance. However, they are rarely represented in decision-making processes. The #Youth4OurDataFuture by @youth4data aims to bridge this gap. 
🗣️ Giving young people the opportunity to express themselves, and further, respecting their thoughts and ideas, is valuable for individual and social youth development. Check the work from #Youth4OurDataFuture by @youth4data to learn more.
❗ Decisions that impact youth’s future remain monopolized by adults – either through corporations that develop technologies targeting them as users or governments shaping their rules. It’s time for a change!
#Youth4OurDataFuture @youth4data
💬 Including youth’s voices in discussions and decision-making is crucial to ensuring that the data economy is truly equitable and that the value of data is unlocked for all. That’s why I’m engaging with  #Youth4OurDataFuture by @youth4data.
📢 Us, youth, should be included in decision-making processes related to data governance. Our voice matters!
If you agree, check out #Youth4OurDataFuture project by @youth4data @thedatasphere 👉
#Youth4OurDataFuture by @youth4data is leveraging youth voices in data governance through social media campaigns and youth labs. Learn more about this new project 🔗

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