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Datasphere Institutional Partner 

You are interested in contributing strategically to the Datasphere Initiative with organization-wide funding commitments or in-kind support to core program activities. From finance grants, knowledge sharing, organizational development, or community and communications support, Institutional Partners fuel day-to-day operations and activities, providing crucial support to the initiative’s long-term sustainability. 

As a Datasphere Institutional Partner you will

Have the opportunity to share your organizational updates in the Datasphere Pulse Newsletter, social media and communication channels. 

Receive an invitation to participate as a speaker on the occasion of the public launch of a relevant Datasphere Initiative project or output.

Be able to co-organize or join private or public institutional events. 

Get visibility through logo placement on the Datasphere Initiative website, with the institutional partnership featured in communication and social media channels. 

Have a representative’s article, video or interview promoted in the Datasphere Initiative’s communication channels and quotes included in the Datasphere Initiative Annual Report. 

Have access to Datasphere Publications in advance of release. 

Receive personalized event invitations and calls for joint collaboration at the organizational level. 

Have access and opportunity to review and provide input in the strategic work plans of the Datasphere Initiative organization. 

Opportunity to join a dedicated advisory group. 

Friends of
the Datasphere

For individuals.

You believe in the vision, mission, and values of the Datasphere Initiative and would like to share your knowledge. 

Project Partners

For public, private, non-profit, multilateral organization.

You would like to provide a specific financial relevant in-kind contribution to a Datasphere Initiative project or output. 

Datasphere Institutional Partners

For organizations.

You are interested in contributing strategically with organization-wide funding or in-kind support to core activities. 

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