Zama joins the Datasphere Initiative as an in-kind partner


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Zama has joined the Datasphere Initiative as an in-kind partner. Zama is a cryptography company building open-source homomorphic encryption tools for developers. Their technology enables a broad range of use cases, from confidential smart contracts to encrypted machine learning and privacy-preserving cloud applications. 

The Datasphere Initiative is interested in connecting actors building technical solutions that can responsibly unlock the value of data for all. Zama is innovating one of the many new mechanisms for data exchange and we are pleased to welcome them to the Datasphere Initiative’s global network” said Martin Hullin, Deputy Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative.

The work of actors like Zama is exemplary of the type of innovations that can emerge when privacy is not seen as something that can compromise data usability. The Datasphere Initiative is providing a space to showcase innovative solutions and business models, such as those offered also by data fiduciaries and data collectives, and imagine their use and applicability in a variety of contexts, including to advance the global debate around data governance. 

The Datasphere Initiative plans to provide a space to exchange and experiment, to catalyze human-centric technical, policy, and institutional innovations.

Zama was founded by Pascal Paillier and Rand Hindi and has more than 60 researchers and engineers in its team. This partnership will foster collaboration between the two organizations as they work to drive new and innovative ways to manage data responsibly.

Jeremy Bradley, COO of Zama, said: “We are delighted to have been invited to be part of the Datasphere Initiative. We share with them the passion and commitment in providing efficient solutions with a keen interest in data usability and safety, and we are looking forward to giving our contribution to a worldwide shift in data governance.

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