People-Centered Internet joins Datasphere Initiative as an in-kind partner


Datasphere Initiative


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People-Centered Internet (PCI), a global organization working to make sure that the Internet is a positive force for good, has joined the Datasphere Initiative as an in-kind partner.

Through their global initiatives, People-Centered Internet promotes connectivity, fights disinformation, contributes to discussions about technology ethics, and leverages technology to help communities be more resilient.

PCI has been a trailblazer on the issues of people-centered design in technology. Bringing together some of the core internet heroes of our time. It is a pleasure to welcome them to our Network of partners, and join forces in developing innovative initiatives to unlock the value of data for all” said Carolina Rossini, Director of Partnerships and Research, Datasphere Initiative.

The Datasphere Initiative and People-Centered Internet have agreed to collaborate on projects taking place in the Global South on connecting communities to global policy-making efforts and designing new innovative approaches to data sharing.

We recognize that the Datasphere Initiative is seeking to realize an ambitious people-centered vision for data governance, and People-Centered Internet is thrilled to partner with them to achieve this. Our mission of building resilient communities enabled by digital infrastructure and ecosystems informed by local priorities and goals resonates strongly with their objectives, and we are confident that together we will make strides in this arena.” said Justin Bryant, Secretary of People-Centered Internet.

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