Ostrom Workshop joins the Datasphere Initiative as an in-kind partner


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The Datasphere Initiative is pleased to announce that the Ostrom Workshop has joined the global network as an in-kind partner. The two organizations will collaborate to explore how interdisciplinary approaches can support data governance policy and practice so that the value of data can be shared by all.

The Ostrom Workshop leverages the intellectual legacy of its founders to continue addressing governance problems. These governance problems include the formal and informal rules that shape human behavior.

We are honored to have the Ostrom Workshop join our network of partners. Ostroms’ persistent search to better understand the diversity of formal and informal rules that shape human behavior is very relevant to support our understanding of data policy implications and the potential of practical solutions” said Carolina Rossini, Director of Research and Partnerships, Datasphere Initiative.

Both organizations are undertaking efforts to organize dialogue and build research on how societies are being impacted by digital transformation and the opportunities and challenges data-driven economies impose upon individuals and communities. The Datasphere Initiative and the Ostrom Workshop will seek to collaborate on a range of research projects and outreach initiatives including the terminologies used around data communities.

The opportunity to work with Datasphere Initiative and their global network of contributors is something the Ostrom Workshop values tremendously. The Datasphere Initiative is creating a global network of organizations discussing the issues that need to be addressed today. Time is no longer on our side, these conversations need to be happening and the Workshop is happy to support these efforts” said Angie Raymond, Director of Data Management and Information Governance at the Ostrom Workshop, Indiana University.

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