GLIA Foundation joins the Datasphere Initiative as an in-kind partner


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GLIA Foundation has joined the Datasphere Initiative as an in-kind partner. The partnership will help nurture the organizations’ common missions to foster human-centric and innovative approaches to managing data for the public good.

GLIA Foundation is an organization working to align modern-day market, technology, and political institutions with the greater public good. Chief goals include developing and promoting programs that enhance core human values, such as human autonomy and agency, trust, and openness, through the governance of technology, market, and political systems. 

“The Datasphere Initiative is pleased to announce our partnership with GLIA Foundation. Their ambition to promote a trustworthy and supportive online ecosystem reflects our goals to responsibly unlock the value of data for all.” said Carolina Rossini, Director of Research and Partnerships, Datasphere Initiative. 

​The Datasphere Initiative and GLIA Foundation Institute will seek to collaborate on a range of projects and outreach initiatives, including designing innovative models of data exchange such as regulatory and operational sandboxes, new technical innovations for managing data flows, and efforts to promote trust in our data-driven societies.

“GLIA Foundation is honored to be able to collaborate with the Datasphere Initiative on its important work of breaking down artificial barriers to the free flow of data globally” said Richard Whitt, president of GLIA Foundation.

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