Aapti Institute joins the Datasphere Initiative as an in-kind partner


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A public research organization working at the intersection of technology and society, Aapti Institute has joined the Datasphere Initiative as an in-kind partner. The partnership will foster collaboration between the two organizations as they work together to build solutions for an equitable digital society.

Helping shape a responsible and inclusive data economy is of utmost importance to the Datasphere Initiative. Aapti Institute’s work to enable human-centric data governance resonates profoundly with our efforts and we look forward to collaborating to achieve common goals and vision” said Martin Hullin, Deputy Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative.

Both organizations take a holistic approach when it comes to addressing the opportunities and challenges data-driven economies impose upon individuals and communities. Guided by their complementary missions and work agendas to unlock the value of data for the public good, the Datasphere Initiative and Aapti Institute will seek to collaborate on a range of research projects and outreach initiatives including the terminologies used around data communities. 

“United by our common vision to empower individuals and communities in unlocking the value of data through participatory and responsible pathways, Aapti Institute is keen to collaborate with the Datasphere Initiative. We hope to continue building a diverse community of practice and expertise and are committed to collaboratively exploring how data stewardship and intermediaries can further nuance discourse and application of data governance and nudge us towards greater equity” said Suha Mohamed, Strategy & Partnerships lead, Aapti Institute.

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