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About the Datasphere Observatory

The Datasphere Observatory provides a comprehensive, but not exhaustive, interactive, and free and open access online platform where actors and initiatives are identified and profiled to support the understanding and development of the data-governance field. Its long-term goals are facilitating connection, convening, and collaboration, promoting responsible data-sharing narratives and initiatives, and encouraging innovative practices across typically siloed communities and sectors. 

Datasphere Observatory Coverage

The 2024 Datasphere Observatory is an expansion of the 2022 Datasphere Atlas Observatory.

420 entities, of which

358 are organizations 

(non-profits, think tanks, and more)

62 are funders

Impacting all regions of the world

Covering 50+ topics and their intersection with data governance

Datasphere Observatory at a glimpse


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The Datasphere Initiative is a global network of stakeholders fostering a holistic and innovative approach to data governance to build agile frameworks to responsibly unlock the value of data for all.

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