Philipe Moura

Director of Innovation

Data is one of the very few keys that will help us build a better 21st century. The Datasphere Initiative lives to unlock that promise.

Philipe is a senior executive with extensive background in the intersection of technology, innovation, policy, and governance. 

To traditional government and enterprise settings, Philipe brings deep experience in technology and innovation, having served clients in government and in Fortune 500 and led dozens of multimillion dollar engagements in high tech, telecom, and financial services. In these capacities, Philipe has been nominated representative in many government and industry forums at national, regional, and international levels, such as the UN, ITU, and OAS. 

Philipe is also a venture capitalist and angel investor, a subject matter expert on AI, and a lecturer and published author on strategy, policy, and innovation. He is a board member and chairman of the board of five leading startups in diverse sectors. 

Philipe holds an MA in International Affairs & Public Policy from the University of California in San Diego, a BA in International Affairs from the Universidade de Brasilia, and is working on his Executive MBA from Dom Cabral Foundation. 

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