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The Datasphere Initiative’s #Youth4OurDataFuture is one of the winners of the Omidyar Network Future of Data Challenge. The competition saw hundreds of organizations apply with transformative solutions to reimagine the data economy and help build a more equitable data future for all.

Introducing #Youth4OurDataFuture

We thank Omidyar Network and the judges for this opportunity. #Youth4OurDataFuture is an ambitious effort to connect youth voices to decision-making on how data is used and managed, so that access to shaping the data economy is truly equitable and that its value is responsibly unlocked for all,” said Martin Hullin, Deputy Executive Director, receiving the prize on behalf of the Datasphere Initiative at SXSW Conference on March 14, 2023. 

While more connected to data-driven technologies than ever before, youth voices are absent from decision-making on data in local, national and global fora. Vocabulary around data governance and policy is also poorly explained and unfit for reaching young people. 

#Youth4OurDataFuture aims to develop awareness-raising and learning campaigns, to showcase the voices and experiences of youth from the United States on how data shapes their lives. Results and learnings will be shared to bridge gaps between youth and decision-makers through structured advocacy and outreach.

Society’s relationship with data needs to change,” said Sushant Kumar, director of responsible technology at Omidyar Network. “If we continue under today’s paradigm that treats data like property to be acquired, we will only enrich corporations and governments and endanger everyone else. The Future of Data Challenge is designed to surface and support new structures, institutions, norms, incentives, and leaders that prioritize all stakeholders, rebalance data’s power in our lives, and spread its economic and social value fairly across society.

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