Responsibly unlocking the value of data in Europe

Trends and Insights

Author(s): Mariana Rozo-Paz, and Carolina Rossini

Published on: July 6, 2023

As part of the Datasphere Initiative’s European Dialogues’ project, this report lays out some of the main trends, priorities, challenges, emerging barriers, good practices, and recommendations to responsibly unlock the value of data for all in Europe. 

Based on a desk research and semi-structured interviews with key stakeholders in Europe, the report analyzes regulatory efforts led by the European Commission, selected European Union (EU) member states, the UK, and Switzerland.

As European efforts to design data policies are ongoing and evolving, this report offers a snapshot of some key reflections on how the European Union and non-EU member states are approaching data governance. While non-exhaustive, the report attempts to analyze some key trends and offer insights on how approaches to data are having an extraterritorial impact and contributing to the region’s ability to responsibly unlock the value of data for all.

To launch this report, the Datasphere Initiative joined forces with The Centre for IT & IP Law (CiTiP) to host a webinar on “Responsibly unlocking the value of data in Europe: Impact on emerging technology and the global majority. The webinar took place on Thursday, July 6 bringing together policymakers, private sector professionals, academics, and civil society to discuss the European data strategy, its norms, and implications for emerging technology such as Artificial Intelligence and data governance practices in the global majority.

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