Data Governance and the Datasphere

Literature Review

Author(s): The Datasphere Initiative Foundation

Published on: December 1, 2022

This paper provides a preliminary mapping of academic literature on data governance and explores the emerging conceptual framework of the “datasphere” and how it relates to current research.

In recent years, the term data governance has garnered growing attention. It has moved from being a niche topic, addressed solely as a technical aspect of data sharing projects, or within enterprise Information Communication Technology disciplines as a companion to data management, to becoming an umbrella for considering issues such as data protection and access to data. It has emerged as a key framework within which to address both the opportunities and the risks of data collection, sharing, and use. 

The paper finds that data governance is a growing, diverse field bringing together formerly distinct areas of focus. While research in this space is highly fragmented, work around computer science and health dominate. The publication provides a preliminary mapping and offers a baseline for further research in considering how the framework of the datasphere can be useful for connecting different disciplines increasingly interested and impacted by data. 

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