Youth4Data Impact Workshop

Datasphere Initiative
November 8, 2023
1.00 pm - 2.15 pm UYT
Punta del Este, Uruguay

The Youth4Data Impact Workshop, organized by the Datasphere Initiative as part of the Festival de Datos, offered participants a “hands-on session” to collaboratively design strategies to leverage youth participation in policy dialogues on data.

This dynamic and interactive workshop was designed to not only inform but also actively involve attendees in a pivotal Datasphere Initiative project, the #Youth4OurDataFuture. This project aims to develop awareness-raising and learning campaigns, to showcase the voices and experiences of youth on how data shapes their lives. 

The workshop was structured into two parts: 

  1. Involving youth in data and digital policy debates
  2. Creating a better digital future

Finally, attendees had the opportunity to share the work they are doing on youth-related issues, to be featured in the upcoming youth4data directory.

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Bipana Dhakal

Founder, The Learning Fortress

Mariana Rozo-Paz

Policy & Research Associate, Datasphere Initiative

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