World Data Summit

GIA Global Group
May 19, 2022
5pm - 5:30pm CEST
Hybrid (Amsterdam)

By 2022, the global big data and business analytics market is expected to generate 274.3 billion U.S. dollars a year, according to Statista. While big data collection grows in geometric progression, only about 3 percent of it merges into the big data ecosystem. This research already highlights the challenge of finding useful data amongst the rest.

The World Data Summit conference provided a better understanding of the analytical models for businesses. Experts discussed all aspects of data analysis, how to work with unstructured data and how to upgrade data visualization.

Video and photos of the event:

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Augustin Dokoza Bukvic

Director Analytics, CoE Thrasio

Gojko Galonja

CTO, Finuprise

Marek Pikna

Senior Technical Account Manager, MANTA

Lorrayne Porciuncula

Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative

Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy

Managing Director, India Center, Technology Fellow and Chief Data Scientist Halliburton

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