UNCTAD eCommerce Week Datasphere Initiative Special Session

Datasphere Initiative
April 26, 2022
1pm - 2pm (Geneva time)

The Datasphere Initiative is a global network of stakeholders fostering a holistic and innovative approach to data governance. In this session participants discussed how governing the Datasphere will determine the future of human society in the 21st century and why technical, policy, and institutional innovations are needed to unlock the value of data for all.

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Bertrand de La Chapelle

Chief Vision Officer, Datasphere Initiative, Executive Director, Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network

Tracy Faustin

International Research & Project Management Coordinator, I&JPN

Martin Hullin

Deputy Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative

Lorrayne Porciuncula

Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative

Carolina Rossini

Chief Impact & Partnerships Officer, Datasphere Initiative

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