Think global, act responsibly: Research Insights for the Datasphere

Datasphere Initiative
October 13, 2022

Bringing their knowledge and research to the Datasphere Initiative since late 2021, 8 Fellows from 8 countries have been tasked with conducting research on data and its relationships to human groups and norms, under the framing concept of the Datasphere

This virtual event provided an opportunity for Datasphere Initiative Fellows to present their research, and showcase the insights they have gathered on how the concept of the Datasphere can help drive more responsible and globally compatible data policy approaches, while recognizing local needs and challenges, especially for vulnerable populations. 

  • Meet the 2021/2022 Fellows and check their work here.


Fellows engaged in panel discussions with commentators and event participants were invited to share their reactions to their research and insights from existing literature on data governance.

A review of data governance literature was presented and shared for comments followed by a discussion on identifying policy areas in need of further study and research.

The event was especially relevant for academic professionals and students wishing to learn more about data governance research and practice, and also provided an opportunity for them to share their own relevant research agendas. It was also of interest to policy professionals from the public and private sectors interested in understanding new models of thought and frameworks on data governance coming out of Latin America, Africa, Europe, and the impact they can have on issues related to transparency, human rights, interoperability, and data use in the health sector.  The event was also of interest to civil society organizations and data collectives who are engaging in advocacy initiatives on topics related to data governance to gain access to relevant research and academic insights. 

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Benjamin Akintunde Akinmoyeje

Fellow, Datasphere Initiative

Beatriz Botero

Co-founder and Head of Research, Edgelands

Kasia Chmielinski

Co-Founder, The Data Nutrition Project

Tim Davies

Senior Fellow, Datasphere Initiative

Nashilongo Gervasius

Fellow, Datasphere Initiative

Martin Hullin

Deputy Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative

Magdalena Ewa Jozwiak

Fellow, Datasphere Initiative

Bertrand de La Chapelle

Chief Vision Officer, Datasphere Initiative

Asaf Lubin

Fellow, Datasphere Initiative

Suha Mohamed

Strategy and Partnerships Associate, Aapti Institute

Christian Perrone

Fellow, Datasphere Initiative

Lorrayne Porciuncula

Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative

Anjanette Raymond

Associate Professor of Business Law and Ethics, Indiana University

Kassy Raymond

Fellow, Datasphere Initiative

Carolina Rossini

Director of Partnerships and Researcg

Francesco Vogelezang

Fellow, Datasphere Initiative

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