Tech Diplomacy in the 21st Century: Navigating Geopolitics, Innovation, Governance, and Ethics

International Digital Security Forum
September 19, 2023
3.20pm - 4.35pm CEST
Raiffeisen Forum, Vienna, Austria

In order to gain or maintain the technological edge, taking the global lead on norm and standard setting on technologies such as quantum technologies, and AI has become part of the international agenda.

The EU has sought to position itself as a global rule maker in the digital transformation and largely stayed out of the engagement in power politics of AI and quantum. But the recent discourse on technological sovereignty and open strategic autonomy as key elements of foreign policy has gained momentum. Security, economic security, and technology development have become defining features of international cooperation in a more and more fragmented and regionalised world.

In this panel, which took place on September 19, 2023, Bertrand de La Chapelle, Chief Vision Officer, Datasphere Initiative, explored how technologies shape geopolitics and international relations.

Key questions relate to how global governance can achieve the core objectives of the international community to maintain peace and security, protect the rights of individuals and communities, as well as advance the achievement of sustainable development.

Mr. de La Chapelle also led a TechDiplomacy Fireside chat on September 20, 2023, on the topic of responsibly unlocking the value of data for all.

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Astrid Bötticher

Research Associate, University of Jena

Bertrand de La Chapelle

Chief Vision Officer, Datasphere Initiative

Matthias C. Kettemann

Head, Department of Theory and Future of Law, University of Innsbruck

Georg Riekeles

Associate Director, European Policy Centre, Brussels

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