15th International Conference CPDP 2022

Center for Technology and Society, MyData Brasil, Datasphere Initiative
May 24, 2022
2:00pm – 3:15pm EST

The importance of evidence-based policies is globally acknowledged and such evidence increasingly relies on the use of large (personal and non-personal) data sets for policy development and execution. Both public and private sector actors alike increasingly depend on data processing to provide their services.

For Latin America, the innovative use of personal (and non-personal) data for policy planning plays a fundamental role to reduce inequalities and ensure no one is left behind or cannot access the benefits of the data economy. However, some core challenges persist, including how to implement innovative, secure, and legally and technically interoperable data governance approaches and systems.

This CPDP LatAm event explored some flagship initiatives and policies on data governance in Latin America.

Video and photos of the event:

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Fernanda Campagnucci

Executive Director, Open Knowledge Brasil

Natalia Carfi

Deputy Director of the Open Data Charter, Open Government Partnership (Argentina)

Renato Leite

Data Protection Counsel Lead, Twitter (Brazil)

Carolina Rossini

Chief Impact and Partnership Officer, Datasphere Initiative (USA)

Nicolo Zingales (Moderator)

Professor, FGV Law School

Lorena Florez

Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia)

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