Panel Discussion on Digital Readiness

December 6, 2022
New Delhi, India

The digital readiness of an education system is understood as its preparedness to deliver a digital learning experience to students and allow them to benefit from such an intervention.

UNESCO MGIEP’s Digital Readiness Index (DRI) study aimed to develop a readiness framework within the education sector through a supply chain model which enables studying the production of services and their distribution to consumers systematically.

Compared to traditional index-based studies, the DRI framework moves away from ranking-based comparisons and sets a country as its own benchmark to evaluate digital readiness.

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José Luis Álvarez Galván

Programme Specialist-Head of Policy and Advocacy UNESCO MGIEP

Karen Avanesian

Statistics and Monitoring Specialist (Education), Data and Analytics Section, UNICEF New York

Amarendra Behera - TBC

Joint Director, Central Institute of Educational Technology (CIET) - National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)

Oyunaa Purevdor

Director-General, Education Integrated Policy and Implementation Department, Ministry of Education and Science, Mongolia

Carolina Rossini

Director of Partnerships & Research, Datasphere Initiative

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