How to unlock the value of data for all with data-driven innovation?

WomenTech Network
May 9, 2023
14:30 CEST

WomenTech Global Conference will bring women in tech from all over the world together through an interactive platform featuring live educational & training content, keynotes, engaging panels, breakout rooms, technical workshops, and networking with virtual and in-person sessions.

Lorrayne Porciuncula, Executive Director of the Datasphere Initiative, will speak at a session “How to unlock the value of data for all with data-driven innovation”, taking place on May 9, at 14:30 CEST / 8:30 AM EDT.

The session will present how we can move beyond a polarised and unequal data society and take steps towards a new ambition to responsibly unlock the value of data for all. The presentation will introduce participants to the concept of the “Datasphere” – a new way of thinking about our connected data-driven societies and digital world.

This talk will share examples of collaborations led by the Datasphere Initiative concerning data-driven innovation and development focusing especially on case studies from the global south.

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Lorrayne Porciuncula

Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative

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