Fostering a Holistic and Innovative Approach to Data Governance

December 7, 2022
JW Marriott Washington, D.C, USA

Global, multistakeholder, and cross-sectoral debate on data is needed to bring nuance and common understanding to the opportunities and challenges that arise when dealing with our interconnected Datasphere. But most importantly,  innovative approaches and concepts are indispensable regarding the tools and governance frameworks we rely on. This session discussed:

  • How the concepts “Data Sovereignty” and “Free Flow of Data” drive local, regional, and international policy debates on data

  • How to prevent this detrimental polarization and bridge sectoral siloed processes

  • Ways to ensure that existing and future national and international data governance frameworks are effective in promoting trust

  • Why data experts need to be at the table of global and national data policy and governance debates in order to support better and more informed decision-making and move the policy debate on data forward

  • Innovative data governance tools for data leaders, including CDOs and privacy experts, to make strategic business decisions

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Martin Hullin

Deputy Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative

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