Data Sharing and Access Governance for Artificial Intelligence

Datasphere Initiative
May 16, 2024

The Datasphere Initiative has initiated a dialogue with experts and partners to map out the opportunities and challenges for modular charters and how a guiding roadmap could support actors and communities in governing their data while allowing others to access it, generating benefits for all.

In this context, the Datasphere Initiative organized a first workshop “Fostering Responsible Access and Sharing of Data: A Charters Approach,” on Tuesday, April 23 to present challenges and opportunities for data access and sharing models.

In this second workshop on “Data Sharing and Access Governance for Artificial Intelligence,” experts will delve into the discourse of responsible data access and sharing practices to propel the advancements of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With a backdrop of cutting-edge technology and a keen eye on ethical considerations, this invitation-only event will serve as a crucible for the intersection of innovation and integrity. Participants will focus on actionable strategies to foster a culture of – and tools for – responsible data stewardship, ensuring that the transformative power of AI remains ethically grounded and socially beneficial.

If you are interested in attending, please reach out to [email protected].

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