Data Policy Lab: A global policy agenda on collective data governance

Connected by Data, Aapti Institute, Research ICT Africa, Datasphere Initiative and Consumers International
June 4, 2023
7:45 am - 8:45 am CST (Costa Rica Time)
San Jose, Costa Rica

Data Policy Lab is co-organized by Connected by Data, Aapti Institute, Research ICT Africa, Datasphere Initiative, and Consumers International.

This closed event was hosted in San Jose, Costa Rica ahead of RightsCon on June 4, 2023, and had the goal of developing stronger coordinated global policy agendas on collective data governance.

With a growing consensus in civil society on the need for collective models of data governance to responsibly unlock the value of data and technology innovations for all, and against a backdrop of various global policy processes developing principles, norms, and standards on data and AI and data and XR and other future technologies (from G20 and G7 to UN Global Digital Compact, to only mention a few), this policy lab convening is designed to help organizations develop shared and focused influencing agendas for the year ahead.

This event focused on developing stronger shared problem definitions and language and explored upcoming local and global opportunities for policy influence. It brought together 20-25 key stakeholders, including experts and civil society from the Global South, in addition to funders and policymakers.

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Alison Gillwald

Executive Director, Research ICT Africa

Astha Kapoor

Co-Founder, Aapti Institute

Carolina Rossini

Director of Policy & Research, Datasphere Initiative

Jeni Tennison (Chair)

Founder and Executive Director of Connected by data

Future events

Regulatory Roundtable #4: Sandboxes and Health Data Challenges


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