Data Ecosystem Track

The Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, Rockefeller Foundation and data.org
September 22, 2023
1:30 pm - 3:30 pm EDT
New York, USA

The session  “Data Ecosystem Track” took place during the Impact Data Summit organized by Mastercard Center for Inclusive Growth, Rockefeller Foundation, and data.org  on Friday, September 22nd, 2023 in New York, USA. Lorrayne Porciuncula, Executive Director of the Datasphere Initiative participated as a panelist.

The session addressed the challenges within the social impact data ecosystem, particularly its struggles in aggregating and utilizing data, tools, and knowledge networks effectively, as exposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The discussion also focused on fostering unity across domains like health, climate, mobility, and socio-economic aspects, and emphasized the importance of cross-domain data sharing and tools interoperability. The panelists were invited to reimagine this ecosystem and offered actionable recommendations for creating and scaling cross-domain digital public goods efficiently within the social impact sector.

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Alicia Karspeck

Director of Earth Information Programs, SilverLining

Lorrayne Porciuncula

Executive Director, Datasphere Initiative

Uyi Stewart (moderator)

Chief Data & Technology Officer, data.org

Jed Sundwall

Executive Director, Radiant Earth

Cormekki Whitley

Chief Finance and Administration Officer, data.org

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