​​Connected Conversation: Combining Strategies to Confront Data Power

Mydata Global, Aapti Institute, Datasphere Initiative, and Connected by Data
March 20, 2024

In late 2023, Mydata Global, Aapti Institute, Datasphere Initiative, and Connected by Data published ‘In This Together: Combining Individual and Collective Strategies to Confront Data Power, a short think piece that looks at how advocacy for better data governance can draw upon the tools of both individual data rights, and collective data governance.

This Connected Conversation, taking place online on Wednesday, March 20, at 1pm-2pm UTC / 2pm-3pm CET, will address what this means for concrete programming and advocacy, by asking panelists and invited participants to reflect on how their strategies to challenge the status-quo of data governance in 2024. The session will:

  • Address different kinds of data, and data-related groups;
  • Deploy individual and group data rights; and
  • Leverage individual and collective power.


As an invite-only Connected Conversation, written up in a short ‘Chatham House Rule’ public post, this session will provide a space for meaningful and visible coordination, enabling discussion of progress made, upcoming opportunities, and rough edges of current work to explore shared and complementary narratives, and overlapping theories of change.

Please reach out to Tim Davies if you would like to attend the event. 

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