Carolyn Nguyen 

Member Board of Trustees

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Establishing how data can be used to realize a better world for everyone requires broad and diverse expertise, actively engaged in targeted dialogues and actions that can inform policy development. These provide evidence about data challenges, help prioritize concrete issues that can be better addressed with responsible data use, and create opportunities for collaboration on impactful, practical and sustainable solutions. The Datasphere Initiative has been unique in its global work to further such interactions, and I’m honored to be on the board.

Dr. Carolyn Nguyen is experienced in working with international organizations to shape policy development on issues related to data governance, artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and internet governance. Her diverse background includes equal time spent in technology research and product development; strategic business development; and technology policy – each in areas of emerging technologies. This has provided a unique set of perspectives (technical, economic, policy) that has informed and brought more holistic approaches to her policy development efforts.

Carolyn’s work has emphasized collaborating with experts and stakeholders across multiple domains and sectors, seeking interdisciplinary solutions that can help achieve desirable and sustainable outcomes for our collective future. This approach was honed over the past decade when Carolyn was Director of Technology Policy at Microsoft, where she also held leadership roles in global policy and business initiatives,  including the OECD Network of Experts on AI, the B20, the International Chamber of Commerce, and the Internet Governance Forum. Prior to joining Microsoft, Carolyn held positions with Research in Motion, Avaya Communications, Lucent Technologies, and Bell Laboratories, working in the US and abroad.


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