Michael Kende 

Chair Board of Trustees

Michael Kende

There is no good analogy for data - the new oil? the new water? - because data is unique. Data can be used many times in many ways and the benefits are generative, while the costs of misuse can be very harmful. We need to find new ways to govern this new resource, and that is why I am so pleased and honored to be on the Board of the Datasphere Initiative as it leads the way in how to responsibly unlock the value of data for all.

Michael Kende is a Digital Development Specialist at the World Bank Group and a Senior Advisor at Analysys Mason, and has advised the ITU, UNCTAD, Broadband Commission, and other organisations on Internet policy issues. His former positions include Chief Economist at the Internet Society, Visiting Lecturer at the Geneva Graduate Institute, partner in Analysys Mason and head of US office, Assistant Professor of Economics at INSEAD, and Senior Economist at the Federal Communications Commission. 

He has a Ph.D. in Economics from MIT, and is author of the book “The Flip Side of Free: Understanding the Economics of the Internet”.

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