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The Datasphere Initiative is pleased to announce that the Government of Switzerland has joined the Datasphere Initiative as an Institutional Partner.

The partnership will support measures to internationally advance and promote trustworthy data spaces and raise awareness of innovative ways to responsibly unlock the value of data for all, including through fostering approaches to digital self-determination.

There are clear synergies between Switzerland’s work to promote trustworthy data spaces and digital self-determination and the mission and activities of the Datasphere Initiative. We welcome this institutional partnership and thank Switzerland for their support” said Lorrayne Porciuncula, Executive Director of the Datasphere Initiative.

Switzerland’s Federal Office of Communications (OFCOM) provided seed funding to the Datasphere Initiative for its incorporation as a not-for-profit Foundation following an incubation period within the Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network. 

Switzerland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has provided funding to support the establishment and starting phase of the Datasphere Fellowship Cohort 2022-23.

The Datasphere Initiative Fellowship Program provides an opportunity for graduate students and young professionals to work on novel research and dialogue related to data governance. Building on the experience of the first cohort of Datasphere Fellows (2021-2022), the Datasphere Initiative has selected seven fellows that will receive mentorship from the Datasphere Team and partners around the globe to think critically and develop research and solutions outputs for pressing challenges related to data governance and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

”One of the main difficulties when tapping into the potential of data is to overcome the trade-off narrative between data protection and data use. Switzerland’s concept of digital self-determination aims at enhancing data use, including personal data while strengthening control over one’s own data. By building trust through more control and agency, data subjects are more likely to share their data which spurs innovation and brings added value in turn. One way to build this trust is by making available trustworthy data spaces that function on fundamental principles. Switzerland appreciates DI’s efforts in promoting this ‘new grammar’ of digital self-determination and trustworthy data spaces as an innovative data governance approach that is built upon inclusiveness, empowerment, trust, and agency. We welcome the establishment of the DI in Geneva, as this will further strengthen Geneva’s role as a hub for digital governance for the benefit of all people in the world.” said Ambassador Roger Dubach (FDFA) & Ambassador Thomas Schneider (OFCOM).

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