CIGI joins the Datasphere Initiative as an institutional partner


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The Datasphere Initiative is pleased to announce that the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) has joined the global network as an institutional partner. 

As an independent, non-partisan think tank, CIGI’s global network of multidisciplinary researchers and strategic partnerships address significant global issues at the intersection of technology and international governance. The Datasphere Initiative will collaborate with CIGI in its effort to responsibly unlock the value of data for all by building innovative data governance frameworks that are inclusive, agile, and scalable.

CIGI’s world-leading research and analysis in innovative policy approaches for the digital era help build bridges from knowledge to practical policy solutions. The Datasphere Initiative is pleased to collaborate with them to support our common mission to improve people’s lives in our data-driven world.” said Carolina Rossini, Director of Partnerships and Research, at Datasphere Initiative.

​The Datasphere Initiative and CIGI will seek to collaborate on a range of projects and outreach initiatives, including research on innovative regulatory and technical initiatives to support data sharing such as cross-border data sandboxes and outreach to the Global South on new innovative models for data governance and efforts to promote trust in our data-driven societies. In November 2023, CIGI and the International Association for Research in Income and Wealth are hosting The Valuation of Data Conference and are pleased to have Carolina Rossini lend her expertise as a member of the scientific committee.

“The Datasphere Initiative is focused on driving forward new and practical solutions to real-world data policy issues. Its goal to responsibly unlock the value of data for all using a global network of stakeholders fits well with CIGI’s focus on innovative international policy approaches for digital governance,” said Bob Fay, Managing director of digital economy at CIGI. “This is an exciting partnership and I look forward to working with the Datasphere Initiative to move the mark on global data equity.”

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