In this together

Combining individual and collective strategies to confront data power

Author(s): Christopher Wilson (MyData Global), Tim Davies (Connected by Data), Vinay Narayan and Avani Airan (Aapti Institute), Viivi Lähteenoja (MyData Global), Carolina Rossini and Sophie Tomlinson (Datasphere Initiative)

Published on: December 1, 2023

This think piece, titled “In this together: combining individual and collective strategies to confront data power” results from discussions between four advocacy organizations, Aapti Institute, Connected by Data, Datasphere initiative, and MyData Global, working to improve how data is governed.

Common ambiguities in how individuals, groups, rights, protections, control, and personal data are discussed can create the impression of advocacy groups pulling in different directions and working on separate agendas. This paper however, argues that individual and collective approaches for data governance should be seen as complementary: both addressing particular challenges within the status quo.

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