Cooperation For Building an Inclusive Digital Economy

Digital Cooperation Organization
September 21, 2022
Pierre Hotel, New York City, USA

Digital Cooperation Organization (DCO) convened digital leaders and innovation catalysts from all over the world and all segments of society for a series of panel and roundtable discussions focused on the greatest digital development challenges we face and how cooperation can overcome them.

The session “Cooperation For Building an Inclusive Digital Economy”, examined the barriers to a more inclusive digital economy and how stronger cooperation can ensure that the digital economy reaches its full, global potential. The participants included ICT Ministers and delegates from DCO Member States, Senior representatives of UN agencies and Experts in the digital economy from academia, think tanks, and the private sector. The session launched a global report, produced with insights from the UN Office of the Envoy Technology, on the “Closing the Gap: How Cooperation Can Build a More Inclusive Digital Economy”.

Carolina Rossini, Director of Partnerships and Research, joined the session to present the latest work of the Datasphere Initiative on data governance. 


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Carolina Rossini

Director of Partnerships and Research, Datasphere Initiative

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