Barbara Miranda

Design Thinking Lead

Translating data governance and related subjects into communication effectively is critical for democratizing and sharing knowledge worldwide. The Datasphere is bringing the discussions around data to life in a way that is understandable and accessible for all.

Barbara is the Design Thinking Lead at the Datasphere Initiative, where she works on design management of workshops and communications across select global forums and political campaigns, communications and event design, brand identity, and strategy.

Previously, she worked in multiple cooperation agency projects with the Brazilian and German governments in graphic design, and social media design and management. She also worked in intercultural projects at Equip and AFS Intercultural Programs developing visual and motion design for learning platforms about intercultural and inclusive pedagogy.

She graduated in Industrial and Product Design at the University of Brasília and is trained as a Digital Product Manager, Digital Storytelling, and Design Thinking.

Intercultural relations and language studies are important to her, so she speaks Portuguese, English, and basic German, and is currently learning Spanish and French.

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