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Yasodara is the Principal Privacy Researcher at Unico IDTech and MC/MPA Ford Foundation Mason Fellow at Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation, at Harvard University. In the past, she was part of the TikTok's Security Advisory Council in Brazil. Previous to that, Yaso worked at the World Bank, assisting middle and low-income countries on the integration of technology into their governance infrastructure. Yasodara is a privacy/data activist for more than 15 years, having worked in government, academy, international organizations and the private sector. 
She is a former Senior Fellow of the Digital Kennedy School, a Belfer Center project, and a former fellow at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society, both at Harvard University, where she researched disinformation, data as development, digital rights - as privacy, and digital identity. Yaso sits on the Director’s board of the Ciudadania Inteligente and is a former CEO of the “Serenata de Amor Operation”, an anti-corruption A.I. platform that uses machine learning and open data to facilitate social control of public money.

In 2016, Yasodara worked as a Web Specialist at the World Wide Web Consortium, delivering work as co-chair of the Data on the Web Working Group, among other positions. Earlier, she worked with data visualization and was twice awarded the biggest Brazilian prize in Journalism and Human Rights, the Vladimir Herzog Award.


She is one of the first female Hackerspace founders in Brazil and was part of the advisory board of the Open Knowledge Foundation from its outset in Brazil, until 2018 and of the CodingRights, a feminist think tank based in Brazil that focuses on the safety and protection of women in the digital world.