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Magdalena is an Amsterdam-based researcher and lecturer coming originally from Poland. She currently works at the Faculty of Law of the Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

Prior to joining Tilburg Law School, she conducted together with partners at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam an award-winning research on data security with the grant from Network Institute at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She has also held academic positions at the VU Amsterdam and Leiden University. 

Her research focuses on how the conflicts between human rights in the digital public sphere are managed and resolved. The topic led her to comparative exploration of the concepts of privacy, data protection and freedom of expression, their changing notion online as well as European jurisprudence and policies in this field. In this area she has published academic papers and gave numerous academic presentations, including at the Stanford Law School, Sciences Po, Humboldt University, University of Copenhagen, University of Edinburgh, and University of Amsterdam. 

She graduated from law school in Poznań (Poland) and helds an LLM program in Lisbon (Portugal). Before joining academia, she worked as a lawyer in Paris and has been a stagiaire at the Court of Justice of the EU (Luxembourg), EPO (Germany) and OECD (France).

She is interested in exploring socio-legal methods for qualitative research in the fields of digital constitutionalism and memory studies. 

Apart from researching and lecturing, she thinks a lot about food. She loves cooking and trying out new recipes and (to balance that out) she runs long distance.

Her lockdown-provoked hobby became creative writing of short stories.