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Francesco is a policy analyst at the Open Future Foundation – a think tank for the open movement – where he conducts policy research on European data governance files, with a focus on the Data Commons.

He holds a Bachelor in European Studies from Maastricht University, with a minor in European and International Law. He graduated from SciencesPo Paris – with the Student of Honor award – where he obtained a Master’s degree in European Affairs, with a specialization in Digital, New Technology & Public Policy. 

Before joining Open Future, Francesco interned as an external consultant at the OECD Directorate of Science, Technology & Innovation. Likewise, he interned in the Tech for Good department at Nesta Italia and at the ALDA headquarters in the Council of Europe.

In addition, Francesco has previous experience in project leadership as he worked as a Topic Manager for Student Forum Maastricht, where he guided the drafting process of a policy proposal to the European Commission on public sector digitization. Similarly, he was the co-lead of the Digital Democracy cycle of the Institute for Internet & the Just Society where he managed pro-bono research projects on issues related to internet governance.

Francesco is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. In his free time, he enjoys reading, running, playing golf, and (trying to) reconnect with his Dutch language heritage.