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Benjamin Akintunde Akinmoyeje

❝ We need to have a proper direction and capacity in mapping and coordinating data, as well as the quality of the data, and the value embedded in this data. The Datasphere Initiative provides a venue to have these meaningful conversations.

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Benjamin is a PhD Informatics research student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology, and ICT4D practitioner for more than 10 years in Nigeria and West Africa.


He is passionate about digital health implementation in resource-constrained settings. His academic research interest includes persuasive technology, digital health to support wellbeing, data analysis, social media and cultural hegemony, data sovereignty and governance. He is a strongly believes in the use of ICTs for social innovation and inclusive development.

He is also active both in the internet governance space in Nigeria and Africa where he volunteers on the NIGF local multistakeholder advisory group (LMAG). His activities in the global internet governance can be found at the ICANN non-commercial constituent (NCUC).

Benjamin volunteers for multiple open-source initiatives and working groups in digital health.


He enjoys learning, travelling, and taking landscape photography.